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Digital print is a direct-to-board printing technology


Added Value

Reduce Cost
  • Minimum inventory

  • Volume based on demand

  • Reduced obsolescence*

  • Market testing

Reduce Risk
  • Revision control

  • Just-in-time production

  • Volume based on demand

  • Global G7 color management

Sell More
  • Reduced time to market*

  • Localized versioning

  • Cause-driven promotions

  • Event driven promotions

  • Product lifecycle management

  • Reduce landfill waste

  • Reduce carbon emissions

  • Reduce obsolescence
    -No hazardous chemicals

  • Reduce energy consumption

*Compared to conventional print methods

  • No print plates required

  • Full CMYK color spectrum

  • Single-pass, litho-like quality

  • Also available for paperboard and pressure sensitive labels


  • Same structure, different artwork

  • Replenish based on demand down to the SKU level

  • Test market different designs to see what sells better


New Branding Opportunities

Why settle for generic and boring when you can have unique and eye-catching? 

Talk to us about telling your story—and elevating your brand—with a custom-designed packaging. Get in touch for a free consultation.


Extended Content

  • Add QR codes to drive consumer engagement beyond the printed pack

  • Delight consumers with digital content that drives traffic to your website, app, etc.

  • Make your product easier to buy with relevant coupon offers, instructional videos, social proof, and more

  • Manage product recalls and consumer experience post-purchase with ease


  • Create a 1:1 connection with the consumer, boosting loyalty and brand buzz

  • Powered by Variable Data Print (VDP), every box or label can be unique

  • Text, Photos, Graphics, Names

  • …any detail collected at purchase or uploaded by the customer!


Cause Marketing

  • Easily create co-branded prints on your packaging, labels, and displays

  • Align your physical assets to your digital marketing campaigns

  • Align your brand identity with causes that your consumers care about, boosting loyalty


HP SmartStream Mosaic

  • Achieve infinite on-brand design iterations with no additional effort from your design team

  • HP Mosaic leverages a single vector-based source file of “seed art” to create endless unique printing impressions

  • Available for corrugated boxes, displays, and custom labels


Retail Display Program

  • Choose your style and add your graphics—dieline is ready for you

  • 20 popular and proven structures to choose from

  • Reduce lead time and get to market faster

  • Low minimums, no cutting die charges!

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

  • Print only what you need, when you need it—reducing obsolescence

  • Economical job sizes mean less energy used, less media wasted, and less make-ready processes compared to traditional printing

  • Digital printing uses fewer toxic chemicals for both printing and cleanup

  • HP PageWide presses use less water with automatic press cleanup

  • Digital print and finishing eliminates the need to manufacture, transport, and store traditional print plates and cutting dies, reducing raw material and energy consumption

Less Waste
Less Water & Harsh Chemicals
Reduced C02 Emmissions

Earth-Friendly Disposal

  • Peace of mind with standard end-of-life disposal for corrugated products

  • HP Digital corrugated packaging verified for standard recycling technology

  • HP PageWide inks certified as harmless to the composting process by Din Certco 



  • Cartons

  • Ecom Packaging

  • Insulated Ecom Packaging

  • Trays

  • Counter Top Displays

  • Pallet Displays

  • Aisle End Displays

  • Partitions

  • Pads

  • Dividers

  • Wraps

  • Die-cut Inserts

  • Corner Protectors


  • Innovative Packaging Designs

  • Creative Graphic Design and Branding

  • Digital Printing

  • Package Improvement

  • Mock Ups


Custom Designs To Your Requirements

SKU Consolidation & Inventory Reduction

Material Cost Savings

Product Protection

Environmentally Friendly

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